February 10 2021

We released a new single “Taevas seab riidu”


In the end of last week Curly Strings released a brand new single “Taevas seab riidu”(A Storm Brewing in the Sky), which tells a beautiful but also painful story about the differences between generations and how complicated it can sometimes be to understand one another. The song originates from the band’s upcoming new album, due for a release in May 2021.

“I think many people can identify with topics like this,” said Eeva Talsi, one of the co-writers of the song and added that “sometimes it’s better when the storm actually strikes, because then the sun could rise again from behind the dark skies.” Curly Strings’ music is often born from real stories and people. They might not always be in bright colours and with a happy ending, but we must learn how to live in every moment we’re given.

The song’s first presentation took place in one of the most popular Estonian evening live-shows “Õhtu!” (translation: “Evening!”), where the band performed and also shared the experience of how it is to work in the music industry during times that might be harder than they’ve ever seen. “This quiet time has actually given us an opportunity to really dive deeply into the creative processes. As an artist even if it’s not actually possible to play together and we really do miss our audience, you need to find something that bravely keeps you going, no matter what.” commented one of the band’s members Taavet Niller.

“Taevas seab riidu”  is available on all the music platforms and the song’s official music video can be found on the Curly Strings Youtube channel.