“Estonian band Curly Strings have chops to match many an American and have fused the upbeat Southern sound with their own ethnic styles to create a newgrass that speaks on the Baltic sensibility and beyond.” Songlines, Tom Newell

“These musicians are inspired by music from far away places but are deeply connected and informed by their own cultural heritage. I LOVE THAT!” Mike Marshall

“Superb bluegrass-based music from Estonia” Jeremy Searle from Americana UK

“Hoolima is imbued with youthful energy... The language barrier adds a sense of mystery to ice-clear Baltic lead vocals from Eeva Talsi.” Bryony Hegarty, RnR Magazine

“Estonian lyrics and tradition meld with American string band influences to create a sound at once familiar, yet unlike anything you’ve heard before.” Casey Driessen

“Curly Strings is No. 1 good mood band in Estonia.” Koit Toome

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