April 4 2021

Curly Strings is touring in June 2021 with an new album “Pidu meis eneses” (“Festivity Within”)


Curly Strings is introducing their new studio album “Festivity within” with 9 festive summertime concerts in Estonia. Album’s music can be described as the band itself, life-affirming and positive. “We want to offer beauty, happiness and inspiration. At these weird times we must remind ourselves that the world is still interesting and beautiful and it’s still so worth living with all it’s colours,” adds the band’s lead vocalist Eeva Talsi. 

All the music that made it to the record is celebrating life and little moments we have in our existence. It values people as individuals and turns attention to their inner world. Curly Strings defines upcoming concerts and album: “It’s a record that has a summertime vibe, it’s full of  positivity and joyfulness.” Band’s sound is still very catchy, pulsing with multi-layered strings music and in the middle of it there is Eeva’s iridescence vocals.

New music is created more together than ever. Every song has had many attention at countless rehearsals, arrangements have become more detailed and wholesome. Nevertheless, the new creation’s style is going back to it’s roots and celebrates them, natural to what every band and person does from time to time. Of course there is no need to worry – this summertime tour won’t be missing some old beloved classics!


Concerts take place all over Estonia from 9th of June to 20th of June:

 9th of June 19:00 Kõue mansion

10th of June 19:00 Tartu, Antonius’ garden

11th of June 19:00 Kõltsu mansion’s garden

12th of June 19:00 Haapsalu kuursaal

13th of June 17:00 Kasepää song festival grounds

16th of June 19:00 Võru Kandle’s garden

17th of June 19:00 Haven Kakumäe

18th of June 19:00 Pärnu Ammende villa’s garden

20th of June 17:00 Vihula mansion

Tickets can be found at Piletilevi: here