November 25 2021

The second part of our double album, “Tranquility Within”, is out now!

Today, on the 25th November, we released our new album. A creative journey that has lasted for more than two years has come to an end and the listeners can finally enjoy the fruits of our labor by purchasing the double album’s second part called “Tranquility Within”. On this record you will find nine pieces of music that, when compared to our previous repertoire, are a little more thoughtful, personal and musically more experimental. 

“Festivity Within” that came out in spring and the new “Tranquility Within” make up a multi-layered wholesome picture of our essential nature: to celebrate living and cherish life in all of its colors. During these two years, we searched for answers – and sometimes even for the right questions – to who we are as musicians and what story do we want to tell. We found that our wish is to inject people with positive affirmation of life and to do this, we use our music to tell real stories and show real emotions. Sometimes these stories and emotions are full of springtime’s ease and glee, but as we all know, life is not always a happy merry-go-round and all of us have had to deal with different obstacles. This is why this fall album is made up of songs that carry more depth and sometimes even pain. But as the lyrics to one of our songs go: “Let it pour for the sake of the sun”. 

“Tranquility Within” found its musical form at the same creative period as “Festivity Within”, but compared to the band’s former music, it features more experiments both textually and musically. The subjects range from alcoholism and domestic violence to deportation – but surrounding them is the motive of looking for and finding peace. There are a lot of featured artists: Estonian Voices, Duo Ruut, Marko Mägi and Tõnu Tubli. Lyrics have been written by Eeva Talsi, Marge Niller, Doris Kareva, Kristiina Ehin ja Ly Seppel-Ehin, Aapo Ilves and Jaan Jaago. 

The album “Tranquility Within” is available in the webstore, in music stores and on popular streaming platforms. And for the real conoisseur, we are happy to announce that very soon we will also launch a double vinyl!