May 25 2023

New single “Õnn” (Happiness) is out now!


For more than a couple of years, Curly Strings will once again treat listeners with new music! A new track called “Happiness” talks about the importance of loved ones in getting out of difficult moments.

This year is special for Curly Strings. If in August the band celebrates its 10th birthday with a big anniversary concert, then on May 18, the new single of the front runners also saw the light of day. “Happiness” played on string instruments is marinated in the best juice of Curlys, traveling along the captivating paths of mandolin, guitar and double bass, weaving in a deeper truth of life.

Soloist Eeva Talsi described the birth of the song: “The idea of ​​the song started in November last year. I was very sick at that time and lay in bed for almost a month straight. Since physical and mental health are strongly connected for me, I still tried to keep my mind positive. My biggest wish was to feel normal and like myself again,” she said and added: “I realized that happiness is hidden in very small things – when dear people give you a caress or say encouraging words. These moments helped me a lot, and thanks to the lyricist Tõnis Parksep, I managed to put a part of this experience into the song.”

“Happiness” is also special for the band because it is the first new work written together with the newest member, guitarist Peeter Priks. “Growing up with the band has been a really cool process. We got a click right from the beginning, which made it more daring to start the first joint song. The process of writing “Happiness” was undeniably memorable and pleasantly challenging for me. I have never gone into such small details when writing a song with any of my other bands before. It was an exciting and developing journey, which also gave birth to something very beautiful,” said Priks.

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