February 28 2023

Dear fans, we have important news for you!

One awesome chapter in the story of Curly Strings is coming to an end and something new and exciting is starting! After seven years of making music together and many wonderful performances, Jaan is leaving our ensemble. His great contribution to the development of the band is difficult to put into words, so we can only express our emotions in great gratitude. We are still good friends and wish each other all the best! A great musician – Peeter Priks – will join us as our new guitarist, more about him soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Jaan: “During the years I was in the band, the music we created together, the projects we carried out and the large number of concerts in Estonia and abroad brought me many great memories and valuable experiences. However, for now I thought it was time to move on and wish my bandmates “good luck!” and many great adventures ahead!”
Peeter: “You have to have rock and roll in every band! That’s why I’m joining the band Curly Strings. As a musician, I see this as a new page and I certainly won’t read it diagonally. We’ll see what happens and I believe it will be a great ride! ๐Ÿ˜‰โ€
We wish Jaan all the best and much success in his new creative paths, and we warmly welcome our new band member Peeter!
Photo: Merle Jรคrv